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Introducing TRUE-d6

Hey there, new and old-school fellow adventure seekers and champions of every fantasy realm! Are you ready to dive into a world where ASCII characters reigns supreme and imagination knows no bounds?

Welcome to TRUE-d6, the reliable RPG experience that will make you wonder why nobody didn't release it before!

> "Damn it! Nothing runs on the old school computers, how am I going to carry on the role-playing project with my class if I have to wait 10 minutes to open a pdf?"

   - A.D., teacher

This outburst from a friend of mine made me take this gamble: to make a role-playing game entirely with Notepad as a .txt file, something that anyone can use on any device, no matter how abused it is by shared use, bloatware, malware, and double antivirus "because you never know, these days."

Light = Heavy fun!

Tired of rulebooks thicker than a necromancer's spellbook? Look no further! TRUE-d6 throws off the chains of complexity and embraces elegance. Its game mechanics are so light, even a drunk pixie could lift them.

But beware: simple does not mean devoid of structure, nor narrative delirium of theatrical improvisation. Roll that trusty d6 to seize your destiny – whether you're battling fearsome monsters or haggling with tavern keepers for discounts on ale. More details on the mechanics below!

Daltonic Delight

Hey, we see you, our colorblind compatriots! TRUE-d6 has your back. Our game is designed with love for all hues of adventurers, ensuring that no one feels left out in the cold, dark caverns of fantasy. We all love rainbows, even those in two colors. Or one.

All of you will be spared from enduring questionable artwork showing beardless dwarves, derp-faced singing halflings with tiny feet, bards with hideous fringe, ubiquitous badass tieflings, and sexy elven tattooed girls with pink hair, sidecut and piercings.

> "Not again, not again...!"

   - A tavernkeeper, the moment he sees enter the hundredth good, charming but misunderstood goth drow, with a difficult childhood and looking for friends to overcome prejudice.

Only a d6 needed

One Die to Rule them All! Why juggle more dice than a circus performer when you can get the job done with just one? TRUE-d6 thrives on simplicity, using a single six-sided die to fuel your journeys. Yes, just 1d6. And everyone always has a die in their pocket, right? Just me? Oh.

Read on any device

Desktop? Check. Laptop? Check. Tablet, smartphone, or even your old-school PDA? Triple check! TRUE-d6 is your trusty traveling companion, ready to leap to life on any screen. Adventures await at your fingertips – no matter where your quest takes you. All it takes is for your device to be able to read a .txt file, and that's it!

For every pocket

Who needs a dragon's hoard of gold to join the adventure? TRUE-d6 is here to slay the notion that great RPGs come with a hefty price tag. Our Kickstarter delivers incredible value, making it easy for adventurers of all budgets to embark on epic quests without emptying their coin purses.

Build your PC

Do you already have an original idea for a new character? Ah, were you thinking of a drow with an unhappy childhood looking for friends? Fear not, there's room for everyone!

-> Distribute six numbers in as many attributes (yes, STR, DEX, etc.). You'll have to roll the d6 getting a result equal to or less than the attribute being tested to be successful. And if the die roll is an attack, the result corresponds to the base damage you inflict. And if the result is equal to the value of the attribute, congratulations: you scored a critical!

-> Choose a race and note its bonus, and also write your HP on the character sheet.

-> Choose the character's class and note the two initial skills. You can advance in 5 different classes (Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric, Diplomat) by choosing which skills to acquire, and combinations of levels in the various classes may unlock a specialization!

For example, a Fighter 2 / Cleric 2 may decide to become a Paladin, who can use Cleric skills tagged as spells without disadvantages even while wearing armor.

-> Buy and write down on the sheet your equipment, then note the attack values or the relevant attribute of your weapons, and write down your defense score.

-> Answer background questions to create your character's story, or use the witty and clever background tables to see who you are and what relationships you are in with other party members.

Don't look, imagine

Who needs artificial intelligence when we all have genuine natural ones?

Gone are the days of relying on fancy graphics and digital crutches. TRUE-d6 reignites the flames of the theater of the mind, where your imagination takes the stage. Say goodbye to bloated visual effects and hello to a world where your mind's eye paints every scene in vivid detail. And no, I won't bore you with continuous interruptions that sport ascii art, such as q['__']p "hey, it's a stone golem!".

Just a little something here and there, as in the character sheet.

Older than Oldies

Modern role-playing games may be wrapped in glitzy graphics and bells and whistles, but TRUE-d6 has a secret weapon: essence. It focuses on the core elements that make role-playing games legendary: storytelling, clean structure and simplicity, to leave the way clear for camaraderie and unbridled creativity. Leave the clutter behind and rediscover the heart of the game!

TRUE-d6 is a system that feels young and fresh, and at the same time feels like it has a higher WIS than all these new Old-School games. And a higher CHA too, if you ask me.

The Master won't have to sweat blood to prepare a session or to handle monsters, described in a simplified format. It will also be easy to handle doors and traps on the fly, and generally any die roll.

Just as players copy and paste skills from the manual to the character sheets, the Master copies and pastes the creatures and items he needs in the adventure file he's preparing. If he wants to use miniatures to represent combat, he can use a grid map.

Now enter TRUE-d6

So what are you waiting for? Join us in resurrecting the spirit of the game's past while embracing the game design of the present. Let's make TRUE-d6 the beacon of fantasy role-playing games: back our Kickstarter and become part of the journey that brings the fun back to the core of role-playing.

Five character classes, 15 specializations, 100+ skills, 18 races described on a single line, d66 magic items and loot tables, 125 monsters, lovely background tables, and more!

Adventure awaits, and your destiny is ready to be forged.

Don't just play: rediscover the essence of role-playing with TRUE-d6!