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Pentaquest is a solo and multiplayer card game with dice rolls, ideal for both pipsqueaks and grognards. It has zero setup, and each game takes 10-20 minutes. The rules are simple and stress-free, the black and white look gives a familiar old school feeling, and each game flows fresh and relaxing...

...if you survive the first rolls, of course.

Roll 5d6 and score dice combinations to beat the cards you are facing.

Each card has the same layout:



Shuffle the deck, then go through five phases:

[ 1 ] Draw cards

and put them face up in front of you until you have 5 cards in the quest zone.

[ 2 ] Roll 5d6

If you obtain a combination of results that matches the dice shown in a card's lower part, you can declare you beat it: you put it in your army zone, since it becomes part of your army. If you can beat more than one card, you decide which one.



[ 3 ] Free reroll

You can try to get better results rerolling any number of dice at once, keeping the new results.



[ 4 ] Use army cards

You can use any number of cards from your army to modify your rolled dice, so you can obtain the needed combination. Discard each used card.



[ 5 ] Check

If you managed to beat a card, you start over form phase [1]. If you didn't, you lose. If you have no cards left in the deck and quest zone, you won. The number of cards in your army is your score.




Players take turns clockwise, using the same rules of solo play. If a player can't beat a card on his turn, he must discard an army card before passing the turn to the next player. If he owns no army card, he simply passes the turn. When there are no cards left in the deck and quest zones, compare the number of cards in each player's army: the highest score wins.

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Pentaquest Heroes brings the heroes in the fray!

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