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Dicevania: Quintet or Rolls is a double-faced print at home roll & write game, loosely inspired by my favorite videogame. Roll your dice, conquer the map, and save the Countess girl!

To play Dicevania you need:

- 🎲 5d6 (five six-sided dice) or a set of five poker dice

- 🖊 a wet erase marker

- 🔲 the printed and laminated A4 front/back game sheet

- 📃 game's instructions (you can print them if you want) 

When an item is used, a dot is erased. You cannot store more than 3 of the same items.

You must pick one of the three heroes before you set foot into the castle.

You'll begin exploring the castle from the entrance. At each turn, you move to an adjacent room to which there is an opening: the room must be solved before you can move into a new room. You can always move freely through the locations you have already visited. Depending on what the room contains, you have to do a different thing to clear it:

🔷 POKER COMBINATION (up to 5-of-a-kind). Roll 5d6: if the dice make the required combination or a better one, you clear the room and you score the points of the combination you rolled. You use those points to advance on different reward bars that will eventually grant you useful items.

If you do not beat the printed combination, you can repeatedly perform one of these two actions until you beat it:

🔸 Reroll: lose 1 HP and reroll any number of dice holding the new result;

🔸 Use an item, erasing a dot from its item bar, to modify a die.

You must use as many actions as necessary, in any number and order, to beat the combination. Once beaten, you start a new turn moving to a new location, blackening the room you cleared.

🔷 QUESTION MARK (?). Roll 5d6: if the dice score any poker combination you clear the room and you score the points of the combination you just rolled. You can freely take actions (rerolls and items) trying to get at least a Pair or to improve your score. Note that, in poker dice,  a Straight beats a Full House.

🔷 RED ROOM. You just enter and blacken it. You must blacken every red room in the map to open final boss' door.

🔷 ORANGE ROOM. You must use a key you previously found to enter and blacken it. 

🔷 ITEMS ROOM. You collect every item in the room. A treasure allows you to advance 1 step on a reward bar or to recover 1 HP.

The game ends when you reach zero HP or when you save the Countess. Either way, you can calculate the final score and try to do better in the next game!


Not just one, but two games! Flip the sheet to play Side B game.

🎲 Roll 5d6. Each result corresponds to one piece. Determine which pieces you rolled by placing the dice next to the corresponding outcomes. If you roll a piece with multiple variants, you can choose any of them; if you roll two or more times a piece with multiple variants, you must pick at least one piece per variant. Once per game you can use and blacken the Warlock power, which allows you to ignore the result of a single die.

🎲 You have to place all the rolled pieces on the map, in the preferred order. When a piece is placed on the map it must cover a red square and/or be in contact with another piece with at least the side of one square. Blacken the squares corresponding to the shape of the piece you're placing. Once all rolled pieces have been placed, repeat the 5d6 roll to determine the new group of pieces to be placed.

🎲 When no more pieces can be framed, the game ends: your score is equal to 2x the orange squares covered by the pieces, minus the squares that were not covered.