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As he solitarily marches down the mountain path, a dwarf seems not to feel the weight of the large backpack he carries on his shoulders, the straps of which he clutches firmly in his hands. A group of goblins scurry out of a crude hiding place of green frashes, ecstatic at the loot they will find on the merchant. The dwarf smiles imperceptibly. With one finger he presses the button on his shoulder strap, then he opens his arms and lifts his head. As the goblins freeze in place, a cacophony of clanging, buzzing, and ticking accompanies the orderly slide of metal plates that emerge from the backpack and vambraces worn by the dwarf, and within seconds fit together perfectly to form an iron armor. The last sound is the snapping of the spring that closes the dwarf's face with a bronze mask, over whose eyes two yellowish lights glow. As the goblins prepare to flee, the tinker swings a blade at the center of which a smoking pipe sprouts.

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Finally, the tinkers are coming! Inventors with vivid imaginations, mad scientists, brilliant researchers and resourceful adventurers, tinkers will bring that missing technological touch to your adventures. Don't miss the chance to fight your enemies and help allies with the power of ingenuity!

In the 12-page PDF, which looks like the missing piece of the Player's Handbook, you will find a new class for 5E and its 3 archetypes.

Building gadgets is what characterizes the tinker class. Early in his career, each inventor knows a limited list of functions, each having a complexity value, that he can put together into a gadget... if he has the money or materials to do so, of course. The maximum final complexity of a project, calculated as the sum of the complexity values of the individual options, depends on the proficiency bonus, while the maximum number of gadgets a tinker can have is equal to his Intelligence modifier.

As a tinker advances in level, he can build increasingly complex gadgets by choosing their functions from a gradually increasing range of possibilities.

While a gadget can offer very interesting benefits to a tinker, he will have to make a Testing Roll the first time he uses it after a short or long rest, risking that the gadget will break down and require repairs. Unless it is a reliable device, a rare commodity among inventors. In addition, certain functions can be used a certain number of times, after which they must be recharged.

Dismantling almost anything and recovering the materials allows a tinker to save gold pieces. And when he is capable enough, he can even carefully disassemble magical items to incorporate them into his gadgets!



Bladebow Guardian

Complexity 4, requires a 1st level tinker

Tinker's weapon (melee and ranged, complexity +2)

Luminescence (complexity +1)

Light folding armor (complexity +1)

This wearable device fits inside a backpack and in a vambrace. With a bonus action, you can turn on and off the studded leather armor plating function, its torch-like light, and/or the weapon contained in the vambrace, which can be used either as a shortsword or a shortbow.



Initially, a tinker can incorporate only the 8 options from the Basic Gadgets list into his gadgets, choosing which ones he prefers. As early as 2nd level and at regular intervals in subsequent levels, he can unlock additional 8-option lists. In addition, his choice of archetype and finds made during his adventures can teach him new features with which to equip his inventions.

Basic Gadgets feature Binoculars, Breathing support, Light folding armor, Tinker's weapon, and more.

Defensive Gadgets feature Bug repellent, Folding shield, Life sparker, Power exoskeleton, and more.

Elemental Gadgets feature Acid jet, Flame thrower, Freezing weapon, Vibroweapon, and more.

Logistic Gadgets feature Mechanical vehicle, Acquatic system, Jetpack, Life support, and more.

Tricky Gadgets feature Grappling hook, Grease jet, Legs exoskeleton, Precision optics, and more.

Wonder Gadgets feature Force shield, Homing missile, Remote eye, Artificial intelligence, and more.

Secret Options list contains the projects that tinkers might find during their adventures, such as the F.A.U.N.A. (Fantastic Animal Universal Translator Apparatus), the F.R.O.S.T.E.R. (Freezing Ray Of Spray Technology Emitting Refrigeration), the D.A.S.H. (Dimensonal Analogic Short-range Hopper), the S.H.U.S.H. (Silent Harmonic Ultrasonic Sound Halt), and the terrifying Device Emitting A Terribly Harmful Ray And Yikes, or D.E.A.T.H.R.A.Y.


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