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One-shot Dungeons gathers a small collection of five ready-to-use D&D 5E dungeons for low level characters. Sometimes you don't have time to prepare your gaming session. Maybe you just want to gather with some friends for a one-shot adventure, possibly introducing them to the hobby. You could need fresh material to enrich your campaign. In each of these cases, One-shot Dungeons is the ace up your sleeve.

One-shot Dungeon Vol.3, The Alder Cadwyn saga, is now available on DriveThruRPG.

Each dungeon has its map, rooms descriptioncreaturesdoorsloot and, most importantly, its story. And all in one page! In another page you'll find the creatures' stat blocks,  and their one square inch paper tokens; you can cut them out and use them on your map. You'll also get .png files for the blank maps and the creature tokens, 1 inch/square scale, and nine item cards representing the most important items.


One-shot  Dungeons  for  5E   -   Vol. 1    ( link to DriveThruRPG )

Check the Foundry VTT module here (link)

In your digital copy of One-shot Dungeons for 5E Vol.1 you'll find:

[ Church of the innocents ]

An old woman prays to save the souls of the dead children, but from who? Is their lingering presence real?

[ Dwarven mansion ]

Chasing who robbed you overnight, you find an unusual residence. Could it become your home base?

[ Under the broken tower ]

What it seemed a gnoll attack could land you in a nightmare. Do your eyes deceive you?

[ The Inquisitor's basement ]

Is that gifted boy touched by demons? Is the new cleric too overzealous? Where is the boy now?

[ Cult of the bat ]

A dying man begs you to save his daughter. Who kidnapped her, and why?


One-shot  Dungeons  for  5E   -   Vol. 2    ( link to DriveThruRPG )

Check the Foundry VTT module here (link)

In your digital copy of One-shot Dungeons for 5E Vol.2 you'll find:


[ He's not one of us ]

A stranger settled in the abandoned farmhouse, and weird plants infest the place. Could it be related to the emporium owner's wife disappearing?

[ Fight Club ]

Tyrell, your informant, expects a generous reward for his tip. There's something big at the Insomnia night club. Could it really be just clandestine fighting?

[ Requiem for a bard ]

Everyone looks forward to the Alder Cadwyn's festival. Something seems to hamper the preparations. Will you celebrate the legendary swashbuckling poet, this year?

[ Tributes ]

No taxes nor news are coming from the remote village of Northmark. Will you risk to face the bloodguzzler orcs to find out what happened there?

[ The most beautiful couple ]

Word is that the recent earthquake unearthed some old undergound complex. Pale-scaled lizardmen dwell there. Seems like your kind of thing: what could possibly go wrong?


One-shot  Dungeons  for  5E   -   Vol. 3    ( link to DriveThruRPG )

Check the Foundry VTT module here (link)

In your digital copy of One-shot Dungeons for 5E Vol.3 - The Alder Cadwyn saga - you'll find:


[ Dew drops ]

Leoric Tiara will guide you toward the Shrine of the Weeping Willow, a place named in the Poet's diary but not found in the books of the city library. What will you find so far west, so close to the Amberbe swamps?

[ Ticking time love ]

A few men go as far as the Latduth Kekolth, the great bronze archway that divides the territories of the Kezal-Balam dwarves from those of the Luvien elves. What does Aarold Shiv hope to find on such an unusual trip?

[ At dawn ]

If even half the stories being told are true, you'll have to be careful moving about the Ravengard barony. Together with Lambert Waldon, will you find the mysterious Chapel of the Queen of stone?

[ Rain and flower ]

Who is Rostalòth? Where's the unicorn fountain? Leaving with more and more questions in your mind, you'll enter the offshoots of the elven forest of Luvien with the charming William Kane.

[ Silent clouds ]

It's never a bad idea to make a pilgrimage to one of the temples of the Saints. You'll go to the Temple of Silence with the taciturn Rigel Moss: will you know how to pave the way to the surprising epilogue of your quest?


And a lot of material to play it on VTT or offline.

Click here to download the free SRD V5.1 (Creative Commons)

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World of Lùmina is a fantasy setting with classic, old school overtones in which all the adventures in the One-shot Dungeons issues are set. Written in the 1990s and revised today, its inenumerable sources of inspiration vibrate with echoes of Lankhmar© and Birthright© campaign settings. World of Lùmina is a digital product (pdf, png, svg files).

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Immerse yourself and your players in Lùmina, the imperial capital, a city full of characters and locations that will be a hub in which and from which to experience countless adventures.

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