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   Beneath the silver gaze of a winter moon, a solitary samurai treads a desolate path through a landscape cloaked in snow. His quest leads him through a frostbitten wilderness, seeking out a witch whose malevolence haunts his Lord's lands. Each step is a silent vow, each breath a misty oath in the frigid air.
   As twilight weaves its somber tapestry, the samurai's keen senses catch a whisper of movement — a figure, ethereal and delicate, materializing from the dance of snowflakes. "Stranger, you walk a lonesome and perilous road," she speaks, her voice a melody that warms the chill in his bones.
   He regards her warily, a storm of suspicion in his seasoned eyes. "The path of duty leads through many perils," he replies, his words cutting through the icy air.
   In her humble abode, she offers sanctuary, a momentary respite from the biting cold. "Come, brave warrior, let the warmth of my hearth restore your strength," she beckons, her smile a crescent moon in the looming night.

   Grateful, yet with the shadow of doubt lingering in his heart, the samurai crosses her threshold. The meal she serves is a promise of comfort, but as the first morsels pass his lips, a treacherous drowsiness seizes him. His sword, a faithful companion through countless battles, slips from his weakening grasp.
   "Sleep now, noble samurai," the woman coos, her face shimmering before his dimming sight. Her beauty manifests into the cold visage of a Yuki-Onna, an elusive snow yokai, her intentions as hidden as the witch he sought. The samurai, paralyzed, a prisoner in his own body, can only watch in horror and heartbreak. "I have failed... my Lord," he gasps, his voice a fading echo.
   "Yes, sleep, for your journey ends here," the Yuki-Onna whispers, drawing a knife as glacial as her heart. Her words are a lullaby of ice, singing him into the darkest of slumbers.

   In the silent snow, under the indifferent stars, a samurai's tale ends. Not with the clash of steel, but with the quiet surrender to an eternal winter's night.

What's Kogarashi?

Kogarashi is a TTRPG set into a mystical world where the echoes of feudal Japan blend with the fantastical. Step into a realm where your honor matters more than your life, filled with dangerous creatures, adventure, and intrigue. Forge your path as a noble Samurai, a cunning Ninja, a wise Shinkan, a witty Onmyoji, a subtle Kuge, or a Doshi master. Discover a land where myths live, yokai roam, and the line between history and fable is as thin as a blade's edge. Let the chilling winds of Kogarashi guide your journey and whispers secrets to those brave enough to listen.

Who can play it?

Beginners: Kogarashi is based on the TRUE-d6 system. It's simple, easy to pick up, and an ideal way to introduce new players to the hobby.

5E players: Kogarashi utilizes six basic attributes similar to those in D&D. However, Strength and Constitution are merged into a single attribute to accommodate Meiyo, which represents a mix of honor and social standing. The rules are ideal for those looking to transition to a more streamlined system without losing depth and variety. The provided tips enable you to adapt your 5E materials for use in Kogarashi. Additionally, NPCs' stat blocks are straightforward and user-friendly.

Solo leveling: Feel free to embark on your solitary journey in the realm of Kogarashi! The rules are simple yet well-structured, offering both clarity and variety. With three d66 loot tables, six encounter tables, and numerous character options to explore, you're sure to find something that piques your interest. All you need is the Kogarashi Oracle (or your favorite one), a pencil, and a single d6, and you're good to go!

Veterans & Grognards: Old-school players, rest assured – you'll experience only the best aspects of crunch here. Why not give this crisp, streamlined system a try? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I've been role-playing for some time now, and I think I can say two things. The first is few rules are a messy delirium and that too many rules are a prison. The second is "I was there, three thousand years ago." A picture speaks more than a thousand words, so here it is.

Book and Rules

The game is a fanzine-format manual measuring 5.5" x 8.5" with 108 black and white pages inside the cover. The manual contains the complete rules, which require only a single d6 to play. There are no adventures or campaigns included, but there are hints of lore and dozens of adventure hooks on which to weave your adventures, drawing inspiration from the presented material and the rich bestiary.

Die rolls: The system is based on rolling under the attribute relevant to the action being undertaken, with advantage or disadvantage. Depending on the number obtained, the action either fails or succeeds. The closer the number is to the tested attribute, the greater the success, and if it equals the attribute, then the success is critical.

Races: In addition to Humans, Kogarashi includes Korobokuru, six types of shape-shifting Hengeyokai, and six types of Hanyo, half-blood yokai.

Classes and Skills: A character can pursue 6 different classes, each offering 20 skills to choose from plus a special skill reserved for veterans. Advancing in different classes allows players to build their ideal hero.

Bestiary: More than 70 creatures from Japanese mythology - and beyond - are described in a clear stat block.

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