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- The most stylish game in the galaxy -

HEXIAN is a 2-players shoot 'em up boardgame, inspired by the glorious retro arcade space shooters.

Will you beat your opponent and reach a new High Score?

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Print and Play guide

Let me give you some handy suggestions to craft at home the perfect print and play card game. This guide is written for HEXIAN, but you can use its tips for all the do-it-yourself pnp card games.

The paper

You need the following A4 size paper sheets. Paper thickness is indicated as gsm, meaning grams per square meter.

- 4 x 120 gsm sheets for the cards

- 1 x 70~85 gsm sheet for the instructions

- 1 x 250 gsm sheet for the tuckbox

Other stuff

You should get the following material:

- a laminator large enough for A4 paper (laminators are fairly cheap; you can also borrow one)

- 5 x A4 laminator pouches (the plastic film pouches in which you put paper sheets)

- a corner rounder paper punch (I use a Kodomaru PRO, solid and cheap)

- a color printer (possibly one that prints on both sides)

- scissors

- ruler

- glue or stapler

Step 1 - printing

- Print the cards on both sides of the four 120 gsm paper sheets. In the HEXIAN pdf file, print pages 1 to 8. Remember to always print at 100% size, color, portrait, 2-sided (long edge), pages 1 to 8. Make sure the printer is perfectly aligned, so the front prints will match the back ones.

- Print the instructions sheet on the 70~85 gsm paper sheet. In the HEXIAN file, ENG instructions are pages 9-10, ITA instructions are pages 11-12. Again, print at 100% size, color, portrait, 2-sided (long edge), pages 9-10 or 11-12.

- Print the tuckbox on the 250 gsm paper sheet. In the HEXIAN file, print pages 13-14. Page 14 is intentionally left blank. Print at 100% size, color, portrait, 2-sided (long edge), pages 13-14.

Step 2 - laminating

- Warm up the laminator. Put the 4 cards sheets and the tuckbox sheet into the plastic pouches.

- Insert the pouches with the sheets in the laminator, inserting them from the closed part of the pouch.

Step 3 - cutting with scissors

- cut out the white adbundant margin of the instruction sheet.

- following the light blue print marks (the "+" dividers), cut out the 64 cards from their sheets.

- following the light blue lines, cut out the tuckbox.

Step 4 - round the cards

- use the corner rounder puncher to round the corners of all the cards.

Step 5 - folding with the ruler

- fold the instructions sheet four times, until it's roughly the size of a card.

- fold the tuckbox. Folding lines aren't marked, but it's really intuitive to see where you have to fold it.

Step 6 - assemble the game

- close the tuckbox and secure the inner flap with glue or staples.

- insert the folded instructions in the tuckbox, then the 64 cards deck.

- close the tuckbox.

- congratulations! Brag to your friends and enjoy your game!