Event Zero suddenly stopped hostility between ATF and UPR. Just when open and total war seemed inevitable, several ultra-hard radioactive rock-like objects scattered across Earth's surface impacting various locations. Many asteroids fell on unpopulated areas and seas, but approximately a hundred hit cities, causing millions of casualties and rendering large territories uninhabitable. The ensuing economic collapse indiscriminately influenced every geopolitical block, effectively ending all factional wars.

Unfortunately, other things came from space that day. After the arrival of the asteroids (now called "cocoons" by scientists) humankind learned that it wasn't alone in the cosmos. Huge alien spaceships crossed the earth's and moon's orbits, dropping previously unknown self piloting tekka, programmed to attack approaching combatants, onto all of earth's impact sites.

UPR, Union of Popular Republics (faction)

This factions gathers most of the world's nations that identify as popular republics. A reunited Russia leads this huge coalition, promoting a cautious and conservative policy. UPR leaders are well aware of others factions cooperative efforts into researching the nature of the new alien threats, but they prefere to deal with the problem themselves, keeping their findings classified.

Minami Hoshino

She quickly became a top engineer and researcher at the Fortress of Science after her brilliant career in Tomobiki high school. She loves reading, and a lot of nerd stuff.

ATF, Allied Terra Forces (faction)

After the winding-up of United Nations, caused by unsolvable disagreements and blatant mistrust among its members, ATF was founded by Japan, South Korea and U.S.A. as both a commercial and military alliance. Many other nations joined ATF shortly. UPR was born in response. ATF headquarters are well protected into the huge Fortress of Science, built in Tokyo Bay.


Yuki Noguchi

She's a communication officier for both ATF and Tekkaforce. She's cheerful, kind, patient and humble. She loves to go out with friends.

Princess Luna

Coming from the Galactic Federation's army, Luna is helping mankind. She fights with her Venus tekka, and she's followed everywhere by a weird toad-like creature. She loves japanese food, cause her native planet has no fish.


Through a significant diplomatic work, Dr. Osamu Tanaka and ATF heads of state convinced the rest of the world to participate in a new international project. An elite team of the world's most capable tekka pilots was formed to execute the hardest missions involving any new global threat. Tekkaforce headquarters are located at the Fortress of Science. Being a joint-forces corp, it is neutral towards any political struggle.


First introduced by the Binnenmarkt faction as a urban security tekka, the original Patrol model evolved into the Commando. It's a fairly common tekka: a good and cheap all-purpose unit.


While expressing his full potential at long range, the Strider can rely upon its arm lasers when engaged in close combat. Developed in the United States, it soon was adopted by every faction worldwide.


Ai is an advanced artificial intelligence living into a human-looking robotic body. She considers herself a girl and daughter of Dr Tanaka, who desigend and programmed her. She feels emotions and she loves pets.