What's Tekkaforce?

Tekkaforce is a tabletop game of mecha warfare. Build your units with building bricks or with everything you have, then dive into an anime world with your full armed tekka! If you love Gundam, Macross, Evangelion, Daitarn III, Go Nagai, mechs, anime, and tabletop games... you are going to love Tekkaforce.

What is a tekka?

In Tekkaforce, a tekka is a robot. It means Tantalium Enhanced Kinetic Killer Armor. Every other robot of alien or unknown origin is usually called mech.


How the final product will look like?

The game is a full color and richly illustrated manual,  A4 format, 148 pages. It will soon be available as a purchasable PDF on DrivethruRPG. In the book, you will find everything you need to play the game and all of its variants.


What do I need to play Tekkaforce?

Basically you need a pencil, square grid paper, two six-sided dices and a sheet with your tekka's data. It's advisable to build your units (and possibly the battlefield) with building bricks: they look awesome, and the web it's full of cool models that could inspire you. But don't worry! You can use whatever you have at hand: dices, caps, paper tokens and so on. You might need more or less material, depending on how you are going to play the game.

How Tekkaforce can be played?

Basic rules allow you to assemble a team of tekka made of 1 to 5 units. Each tekka should have different strenghts and tactical purpose, and your team should be designed with diverse equipment, suitable for the next challenge. You'll deploy your team to play a scenario (premade or created by you).  You will fight against other players (PvP scenario) or against the game (PvE scenario). If there's no avaiable friend to control PvE enemies, you will solo play, controlling them through a behavior routine. You can also play a PvE scenario cooperatively, tagging along with one or more friends. Advanced rules allow you to create your team's pilots, and they will improve with experience: use their skills to turn the tides of battle! And if you crave for more... you can turn the game into a RPG campaign!

Roleplaying game?

Yes! You will need a referee, like in most rpg games. Each player will create a pilot and his tekka, and the group will live anime flavoured adventures full of drama, romance, revenge, justice, villains, kaiju, robots, cute alien princesses, and all the stuff we love! Want to play a different character? Try to be a good-hearted shapechanging kaijin like Devilman!


Are the rules simple?

They are, but they leave room for deep customization. Distance and ranges are counted in squares, and line of sight is checked from corner to corner. Terrain can be damaged and destroyed. A tekka is made of four parts (torso, legs, two arms),  with separate hit points pool. Legs type determine your speed and jumping capability, and they might make you ignore some terrain types. The torso and the arms share six slots, where you'll put weapons and equipment. Installing gear into a slot lowers a tekka's base AP, its action points pool. You  must keep an eye on AP while assembling a tekka, or it might be too slow and unable to express his full potential. To further customize your team, there are traits and features: assigning anime stereotypes to your pilots will grant them special skills that will empower and define their role in a team. Just like skirmish rules, roleplay rules aim to provide a stress-free experience, without giving up some needed structure and complexity. And no, you won't have to lose your sanity with units' facing, overheating, and torso rotation.

How can I get the game?

Currently, there are no projects to distribute and sell printed copies. The game is available on DrivethruRPG.

Who made the game?

Nerdura games, a creative nerd team made by enthusiasts who started watching mecha anime in the 70s. We love games: boardgames, videogames, roleplaying games... every kind of it. We are currently sharing our designing passion and efforts through the Tekkaforce project. We hope you will like it, and help us to make it true! ^_^

Game design and graphics: Lucio Gozzi

Lore advisor: Marco Chierici

Cover art: Manuel "Azaka Kurisu" Kenneth (click for his Deviant Art gallery)

Hand drawn and digital art: Nina Bykova, Omatosh, Chaary, Shaidis (click for their artworks galleries)

Tekkaforce features many brick models made by two worldwide known builders:

Chubbybots (click for his Flickr photostream)

Marco Marozzi (click for his Flickr photostream)

The Tekkaforce teaser trailer #1 was voiced by the cheerful and crystalline voice of Hitomi Farrell, who gave her voice to Yuki Noguchi.

The Tekkaforce teaser trailer #2 was voiced by the soft and relaxing voice of Kaori Kubota, who gave her voice to Minami Hoshino.

The Tekkaforce teaser trailer #3 was voiced by the young and crisp voice of Maya Yoshizawa, who gave her voice to Princess Luna.